“First impressions last forever: Make yours count.”
–Raleigh Mayer

Are you looking for:

  • A roadmap to your next promotion? We’ll partner on Executive Elevation one-on-one coaching
  • A formula to command a room?  You’ll benefit from Persuasive Presentation customized training
  • A blueprint to influence stakeholders? Let’s discuss your “Language of Leadership” development    

“Raleigh is regarded as THE women’s leadership presence/communication coach in NYC.”
-Helio Fred Garcia, Executive Director Logos Institute for Crisis Management and Executive Leadership

Meet Raleigh Mayer, Gravitas Guru, Executive Elevation Expert:

Whether you want to enhance your presence, polish your communication skills (both written and verbal), or heighten your reputation, I can help. For your employees, I provide compelling programming to help them engage audiences, build relationships and market themselves.

My short-term coaching and training seminars are designed and delivered–in consultation with you personally–to efficiently achieve your specific goals.

“A real guru who is able to transform people radically.”
-Paolo Pomati Head of Communications @ Università del Piemonte Orientale (Italy), former President of EUPRIO (European University Public Relations and Information Officers


Let the “Mayer Method”: Tough love, sweet talk, and sophisticated strategy, work for you or your employees to:

  • develop skills to better understand yourself and your constituents
  • polish your executive presence
  • make deliberate choices for effective leadership

I collaborate with all levels, and have developed dynamic and creative programs to ensure greater comfort, confidence, and success in public speaking, business presentation, and relationship management.

In addition, explore my alternatives to the boring keynote: The Seven Ups of Successful Leadership, Getting to Gravitas, and The Venus Vortex

“Raleigh is a combination consultant, coach, and business therapist: Hiring her is like investing in leadership insurance.”
-Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School

55% of the impressions that audiences remember and respond to “for better or worse” are visual.
35% of impressions are based on tone and quality of voice. That leaves a tiny 10% for the impact of your content. Are you focusing as closely on the first two categories as you likely are on the third?

“If you improve your value 50 percent by having better communication skills, it’s another 500-thousand dollars in terms of capital value…”.
-Warren Buffett