The Language of Leadership

How does one influence, persuade, and ultimately win over audiences? It’s all in the language. Learn to be more compelling-and taken more seriously-by engaging in the deliberate and strategic use of precise, powerful, positive, and pointed language. Experiment with rhetorical techniques and vocal variety, and practice delivering your messages with color, clarity, and charisma.

Persuasive Presentation™ Coaching

Conference room or auditorium? Roving microphone or podium? PowerPoint or conversation? A complex presentation must be carefully staged for maximum impact. We will work together to help you organize content and use strategic stagecraft for optimal effect.

Each session is tailored to the needs of the client and includes a combination of instruction, presentation practice, and a critique of videotape featuring the participant. (Can be adapted for group delivery.)

Why Can’t a Woman Talk More Like a Man (and Vice Versa)TM: Bridging the Gender Gap

One key to best-practice communication management, both verbal and non-verbal, is to become more comfortable, open, and effective when working with the opposite sex. This practical seminar will examine both male and female communication styles, and assess how gender-specific characteristics can be identified, and either employed or avoided to best leverage careers. We’ll look at gender tendencies in verbal and non-verbal language, content, delivery, and personal presentation, and evaluate participants’ own styles