Positive Reputation

Venus Vortex

Female executives at all levels are challenged and often stymied by the complexities of personal, professional, and political dynamics. This highly participatory workshop focuses on the different dimensions of communication, image, and relationship management, and how to develop techniques, strategies, and coping skills to build confidence, compete with men (and each other), and get a better seat at a bigger table. First, we will identify the Elements of Impression, to assess the impact of appearance and non-verbal behaviors, a critical (and often ignored) issue for women. Participants will then explore the divergent Power Matrixes that men and women tend to operate from, and learn how to enhance, elevate, and exploit their own talents and contributions to be perceived as “players” in the business. We will also address the concept of having a Reputational Code to define a heightened sense of personal value and professional capital. The agenda also includes a tough-love look at all the elements —emotional, physical, and intellectual—that need to be understood and managed to navigate the corporate workplace successfully.

Natural Networking™: An Interactive Seminar

This hands-on, fully participatory workshop provides many practical tips to make one more comfortable, more memorable, and more effective in a variety of settings where the ability to make connections is the key to personal and professional success. The program includes role-play, a survey of social skills for the business environment, and the opportunity to create a powerful and persuasive personal “boilerplate” (elevator speech) for use in a variety of professional interactions and settings.